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"How To dance? West Mabou/Glencoe STYLE!

         The West Mabou Sports Club Offering family square dances every Saturday night from 10:00p.m. until 1:00a.m. Admission is only $8.00 (Children under 12 admitted fee IF accompanied by parent or adult) Enjoy outdoor dancing under the stars on our stage during summer months. Treat your tummy to a special goody at our canteen which provides hot tea, coffee, grilled hot dogs and homemade treats such as oatcakes, delicious squares and fudge. YUM Enjoy our additional canteen facilities offering potato chips, ice cold soft drinks and spring water. Indeed a nice way to quench your thirst after dancing a Cape Breton square set! We have featured many fiddlers over the years such as Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIsaac, Howie MacDonald, John Morris Rankin, Richard Wood, Buddy MacMaster, Kinnon & Betty Lou Beaton, Rodney MacDonald, Glen Graham, and many other great entertainers. At our dance hall we display photos of the entertainers on the wall. We certainly do not have all the fine entertainers displayed yet but it is a gradual process. Very interesting to newcomers. We also sell tee-shirts displaying a picture of our hall with the wording "Square dancing is life, the rest is just details." These are very popular to the regular gang or as gifts. We also sell tartan shorts with the same wording. The tee-shirts sell for $18 and the shorts for $20 (no tax) Tennis courts, playground facilities and a softball park..

8 Reasons To Enjoy Square Dances

  • Meet new friends
  • All the family can Attend
  • Only $6
  • Great LIVE Entertainment
  • Good Exercise/Workout/Fun
  • Enjoy Treats
  • Dance under the STARS

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             DANCE SCHEDULE: [updated June 14th, 2011]
                            2011       @$8
2011 June 18th-10pm to 1am-Rodney MacDonald, Joël Chiasson, Derrick Cameron & Youth Fiddler, Andrea Leblanc
2011 June 25th-10pm to 1am-Mike Hall & Mary Elizabeth Macinnis
2011 July 2nd-10pm to 1am-Dara Smith & Adam Young
2011 July 9th-10pm to 1am-Wendy MacIsaac
2011 July 16th-10pm to 1am-Gabrielle MacLellan & Tom Daniels & Friends
2011 July 23rd-10pm to 1am-Mike Hall & Allan Dewar
2011 July 30th-10pm to 1am-Rodney MacDonald & Glenn Graham
2011 Aug 6th-10pm to 1am-Derrick & Melody Cameron & Friends
2011 Aug 13th-10pm to 1am-Dawn & Margie Beaton
2011 Aug 20th-10pm to 1am-Wendy MacIsaac
2011 Aug 27th-10pm to 1am-Mike Hall & Joël Chiasson
2011 Sept 3rd-10pm to 1am-Andrea Beaton
2011 Sept 10th-10pm to 1am-Gabrielle MacLellan & Tom Daniels & Friends
2011 Sept 17th-10pm to 1am-Kinnon & Betty Beaton

                TIME: 10:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
.......Now Smoke Free

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                                                                                            BY: Peter MacInnis
           Cross the Canso Causeway to Cape Breton onto a rotary. Go left as indicated onto Route 19. This is a scenic drive along the coastline. (The road is narrow and bumpy so take care)Drive approximately 45-50 minutes to Mabou. Watch for signs for “Ceilidh Cottages” - follow - as the dance hall is on the same road. Approaching Mabou you will see a church steeple off in the distance. At this point you can watch for the sign “Little Mabou/West Mabou/Colindale”. (There is a vacant white building on right). Turn left; proceed on this paved road crossing two one-lane bridges, approximately 2 miles. The hall is a gray building with a bright red roof nestled among trees on the right, beside tennis court. If you continue on this road and come to Ceilidh Cottages - you have passed the hall.