Ceilidhs & Square Dances Jams 2013 Events Church-Services

        Events 2013-Cape Breton Musical Choices-updated July 18th, 2013

  Ceilidhs & Square Dances     --island wide----------

------ Every evening-7:30pm-Baddeck Gathering Ceilidhs -only during July & Aug @$ 10
      -St.Michael's Parish Hall, -Nancy MacLean [295-2794]     www.BaddeckGathering.com

Saturday-10pm to 1am-Year round; @ $ 8 West Mabou Hall-Family Square Dances
      www.angelfire.com/ca2/wmsquaredancing          www.cbchoices.com/wmsquaredancing
Saturdays-Sydney: Bunkers-1st floor-Governor’s Pub: 233 Esplanade -fiddle sessions with
      Carl MacKenzie & friends

Sunday -3pm to 6:30pm-ceilidhs-Celtic Music Centre-Judique;   http://www.celticmusicsite.com @ $8

Monday-9:30pm to 1am-Brook Village Hall-Adult Square Dances, @ $ 7; 19+
      ( from June 25th to Sept 3rd, 2012)

Tuesday -7:30pm-9pm-Ceilidhs;Mabou Community Hall, @ $ 7
         [ from July 2nd to Aug 27th, 2013]; Hosted by: Karen & Joey Beaton with guest
Tuesday-7:30pm to 10pm-Ceilidh-Port Hawkesbury, Civic Centre-The Bear Head Conference Room
      [ from 2013 July 2nd to Aug 20th; @ $8 Adults] ; 606 Reeves St. 902-625-2591
Tuesday--Gaelic Concert Series; [ from July 16th to and August 13th, 2013 ] ;Christmas Island Fire Hall
Tuesday--Celtic Tearoom Ceilidhs; [ from July 23rd to Aug 27th, 2013 ]
      St. Ann's Bay United Church, Indian Brook, NS

Wednesdays-10pm to 1am-Scotsville Square dances-Lake Ainslie Fire Hall;  -[ July 2013]
Wednesdays-7pm-An Drodhaid/The Bridge Museum -Mabou-( from July - Aug.) 
      Summer  Ceilidh Series,
Wednesdays-8pm-[July & August]-3 Fiddler Concert, Ceilidh & Dances, "The Barn", Margaree Valley
Wednesday ceilidhs-7:30pm- [ from July 3rd to Aug 28th, 2013]-St Anns Gaelic College;
      donations [295-3411],   A showcase of our school instructors & others
Every 2nd. Wednesday-7pm-Kitchen Ceilidhs,  ( from Jun 27th to Oct , 2012)
                    Father John Angus Rankin Cultural Centre, Glendale
every Wednesdays -ceilidh, [from July 3, 2013 & August 28, 2013]; Guysborough Waterfront

Thursday-8pm-Ceilidhs-Inverness Fire Hall, [ from July 7th to Aug 25th, 2011] @ $ 7
Thursday-10 pm to 1am-Glencoe Mills- family square dances ( from July 1st to Aug 30th , 2012) @ $8.
Thursdays-7pm to 8pm-ceilidhs @ $ 3 ; [ from July 1st to Aug 30th, 2012]
              Port Hood-Chestico Museum & Historical Society  - seating for 30 - tea served
Thursdays-8pm to 9pm-Celtic Ceilidh every Thursday; [fall months only ]   ; 19+ All Ages
             North Sydney: Rollie’s Wharf: 411 Purves St.[794-7774]
Thursday-Kitchen Racket & Ceilidh-[from July 11th to Aug 29th 2013] Bras d'Or Lakes Inn, St. Peter's, NS

Friday-8pm-3 Fiddler Concert, Ceilidh & Dances, [ June, September & October]
                     "The Barn", Margaree Valley    , www.normwayinn.com
Friday-10pm to 1am-SW Margaree Parish Hall-Adult Square Dances,
      [ from June 24th to Sept 2nd, 2011]- @$7
Friday--Celtic Tearoom Ceilidhs; [ from July 23rd to Aug 27th, 2013 ]
      St. Ann's Bay United Church, Indian Brook, NS

  Jams ======-==-Cape Breton-Open Jam Sessions---====-==--=========------=====

( Top of Page )             "Bring an instrument and join local musicians making music!"

Sundays-2pm to 5pm-Bras d'Or Lakes Inn-St. Peter's  [July & August]; Free
             -2pm to 5pm-Hank's  Jamboree, @ $ 5; lite lunch, musicians free;
                  monthly jam [every 4th Sunday] Havre Boucher: Community Centre:  [234-2188]
              -2pm to 5pm-Judique Highland Guitar Society -Community Centre:
                  monthly jam [2nd Sunday] @ $5; musicians free,  [ [ lite lunch ],[ Bill MacDonald
                      787-2805, Patrick Lamey 625-5345,   Adam Cooke 625-8863]. [2nd Sunday ]
   -2pm to 4:30pm-Margaree Centre: Cranton Cross Roads Community Centre,
                   monthly jam [every 4th sunday] , donations , [248-2261, 248-2009]       

Tuesdays- evenings-Chéticamp: Royal Canadian Legion: (224-2855)

Thursdays-7:30pm to 9:30pm-Creignish Community Centre-Celtic Jam Sessions,
     monthly-2nd & 4th Thursdays; all instuments are welcome, volunteer donations for non-musicians
     [ if weather cancellation - announced/posted by 4pm (∆101.5 The Hawk ∆); cash canteen

Fridays-7:30pm-bi-weekly jam @ $ 5; lunch;  musicians free @  Blues Mills-Fire Hall
      Sponsored by the Blues Mills & Area Volunteer Fire Department

Saturdays-7pm to 10:30pm-Hillsborough: Hillsborough/Glendyer Hall: Hwy # 252
     bi-weekly jam session, lite lunch @ $ 5; [945-2870]


( Top of Page )====2013=== stay tuned as our new schedule grows==

   ===     2013 events-[Updated July 18th, 2013]     =========

•2013 Jan 26th-6:30pm-The 4th Annual Mel Parsons Memorial Robbie Burns Supper, @ $20; Judique

•2013 Feb 14th to March 17th- Victoria County Winter ActiveFest

•2013 Feb 15th to 17th--'From the Heart'-A Weekend Celebration of Savoury Food & Valentine Tales;
      hosted by world-renowned chef Lars Willum, & award-winning author Douglas Arthur Brown.
      St Anns -Gaelic College http://www.gaeliccollege.edu

• 2013 March 2nd--Louisbourg 5 Mile Slush Run & 3 Mile Walk; @$ 10; George D. Lewis School

•2013 March 8th to 11th--'Seachdain nan Sguabag' / Youth March Break Workshop
      [ Tracey at 902.295.3411 or tracey@gaeliccollege.edu ]

•2013 March 12th & 13th--Kids March Break Cooking Class; with chef Lars Willum, & author
      Douglas Arthur Brown. St Anns -Gaelic College http://www.gaeliccollege.edu
      [ contact Gail at 902.295.3411, or gail@gaeliccollege.edu ]

•2013 March 15th to 17th--Spring Forward Celebration; join world-renowned chef Lars Willum for an
      interactive culinary weekend, a three-course dinner, & featuring guest speakers. St Anns -Gaelic College
      [ contact Gail at 902.295.3411 or gail@gaeliccollege.edu ] http://www.gaeliccollege.edu

•2013 March 23rd-6pm-#3rd 'annual pane in the glass' fundraiser ; music, dinner, auction, pub nite, @$ 50
      All proceeds go to educational programming at Colaisde na Gàidhlig/ The Gaelic College-St. Anns.
      Gail at 902.295.3411, or gail@gaeliccollege.edu ]

•2013 April 26th to 28th--Spring Gaelic Weekend ; St. Ann's- Gaelic College

•2013 May 17 & 18th-9pm-Grand Ole Opry 'Tribute Night'; @$ 20; with 17 performers ,
     house band & Minnie Pearl. after pub from 10-1 am. 19yrs. + ;
     { Tickets go on sale MONDAY APRIL 8TH } & Glencoe Station Hall

•2013 May 18th & 19th-'Hammer-In' @ FireHouse Ironworks-Whycocomagh ,
     http://www.firehouseironworks.com in support of the CBBA & blacksmithing

•2013 May 25th & 26th--Cabot trail Relay-Baddeck; http://www.cabottrailrelay.com
      running 185 miles of the Cabot Trail

•2013 May 31st to June 2nd-- Music Camp ; St Peter's- Bras d’Or Lakes Inn; info@kitchenrackets.org

•2013 May-June-the Red Shoe re-opens; Mabou http://redshoepub.com/

•2013 June 3rd to Oct 17th-Celebrate Louisbourg300; Louisbourg Fortress; http://www.pc.gc.ca/louisbourg300

•2013 June 7th to 9th--'Cape Breton Creative Retreat'-explore your creativity & share your inspirations
      [Gail 902.295.3411 gail@gaeliccollege.edu ] St. Ann's- Gaelic College http://www.gaeliccollege.edu/

•2013 June 22nd--Cabot Trail Music Festival; Indian Brook-Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort

•2013 June 28th to Oct 11th-Louisbourg Playhouse-Glace Bay http://www.louisbourgplayhouse.comv

•2013 June 29th--9th Annual Englishtown Mussel Festival; 5 km road race, 45 km bike ride, entertainment,
      [ beth leonbeth@ns.sympatico.ca ]

•2013 June 30th--LouisROCKS Concert Series; Louisbourg300 concert series. Louisbourg Fortress
      [ Monique Cantin, 902-733-3552, louisbourg.info@pc.gc.ca ]

•2013 June 30th to July 6th--75th Anniversary; ; St. Ann's- Gaelic College http://www.gaeliccollege.edu/
      ceilidhs & concerts, pipes & drums, dancing

•2013 July 1st to July 4th--Road to Stanfest Songwriters' Music Camp ; Sherbrooke Village
      [ Lynn Hayne, : (902) 522-2400, 1-888-743-7845, haynelm@gov.ns.ca ]

•2013 July 1st to July 6th--Lake Ainslie Firemen's Ceilidh Days

•2013 July 4th to July 7th- -#13 Annual Lambert Todd Days ; Reserve Mines

•2013 July 5th to 7th-'Forge 300'-CB 1st International Blacksmithing Event, Louisbourg Fortress
     hosted by The Cape Breton Blacksmiths Association & Parks Canada
     http://www.cbblacksmiths.com,  http://www.forge300.ca

•2013 July 5th to 7th-NE Margaree Firefighter’s Fun Days

•2013 July 5th to July 7th-The Stan Rogers Folk Festival, Canso, wanda@stanfest.com

•2013 July 7th to 10th--Festival of the Strait-Port Hawkesbury;  http://www.festivalofthestrait.ca

•2013 July 7th to 14th-#150th Annual Antigonish Highland Games

•2013 July 8th to 13th-#100th -Centennial days-New Waterford

•2013 July 8th to 12th-Seinean nan Òigridh 1 -youth session #1; St. Ann's- Gaelic College

•2013 July 11th & 12th -#15 Annual Judique Golf Classic Tournament
      CMIC   http://www.celticmusiccentre.com

•2013 July 12th-18th annual Codstock-Outdoor Rock Concert; @$ 15; 19+, ID's ; Arichat
      [ Joan Clannon, 902-226-1918, joan@dimans.ca ]

•2013 July 12th to 21st-Mulgrave Scotia Days Festival ,

•2013 July 13th--Port Hood- #5 Annual Lobster Picnic; http://www.porthood.ca/

•2013 July 13th to 21st-#30th Annual Coal Dust Days-New Waterford http://www.coaldustdays.com

•2013 July 14th to 21st--Big Pond Summer Festival ; http://www.bigpondns.ca

•2013 July 15th to August 15th-Festival de l'Escaouette; an Acadian Festival in Chéticamp
      [ Lisette Aucoin-Bourgeois, 902-224-2642, lestroispignons@ns.sympatico.ca ]

•2013 July 15th to 19th-Seinean nan Òigridh 2-youth session #2; St. Ann's- Gaelic College

•2013 July 15th to 21st-Whycocomagh Summer Festival

•2013 July 17th to 21st-#45th Annual Mabou Ceilidh Festival;

2013 July 17th to 24th-Race the Cape ; (902) 270-8060, info@racethecape.com
      http://www.racethecape.com;    annual sailing race in the Bras d'Or Lakes & Atlantic Ocean

•2013 July 19th to 21st-#14th Annual Evolve Music & Awareness Festival; Heatherton-Sunflower Valley

•2013 July 19th to July 28th-# 32nd annual Seaside Daze-Dominion ; http://www.seasidedaze.com

•2013 July 20th-#10 annual Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge ;
     [ Franey, Fishing Cove and Acadien.]  http://www.hikethehighlands.com/

•2013 July 20th--LouisROCKS Concert Series; Louisbourg300 concert series. Louisbourg Fortress
      [ Monique Cantin, 902-733-3552, louisbourg.info@pc.gc.ca ]

•2013 July 22nd to 26th--Na Teaghlaichean-family session -Featuring "Gaelic Supergroup" Daimh!

•2013 July 22nd to 28th--Inverness Gathering Summer Festival; Inverness Cape Breton

•2013 July 23rd-7:30pm-Acadian Milling Frolic; [ (902) 224-2306, cbhnp.info@pc.gc.ca ]
      Petit Ētang-Information Centre Theatre-Cape Breton highlands National Park

•2013 July 24th to 28th--Belle Côte Days; Belle Cote Community Centre; Belle Côte, NS

•2013 July 28th--Broad Cove Concert, St. Margaret's Parish grounds, Broad Cove

•2013 July 29th to August 4th--Chestico Days Summer Festival; Port Hood;

•2013 July 29th to August 4th-Nicolas Denys Days-St. Peter's

•2013 August 2nd to 5th--Cape Breton Bikefest - Thunder in the Highlands,
      Leah Boyd at 902-270-2491. www.capebretonbikefest.com

2013 August 2nd to 4th--Riverfront Jubilee-New Glasgow http://www.jubilee.ns.ca

•2013 August 2nd-6pm to 9pm-meet and greet; 'Reunion for the Rossville school';
     register by April 15th, 2013 [Cecile Miller -ccl.mllr@gmail.com, 248-2305, Ainslie Hart
      -ainsliehart@ns.sympatico.ca 471-6990; North East Margaree -Salmon Museum
      Ken McBrine -kmcbrine@ns.sympatico.ca, 240-4467 ]

•2013 August 2nd to 3rd-Louisbourg Crab Fest, [Cindy Hynes at 733-2351]
      http://louisbourgcrabfest.com   louisbourgcrabfest@hotmail.com

•2013 August 3rd-- #30th Annual Chestico Days Dancing Festival on outdoor stage, Port Hood

•2013 Aug 3rd-7pm-dinner; 'Reunion for the Rossville school'; North East Margaree-Salmon Museum

•2013 August 3rd--Annual Là Mór a’ Chlachain/#52nd Annual Highland Village Day Concert-Iona ;
      [1-866-442-3542, highlandvillage@gov.ns.ca ] http://museum.gov.ns.ca/hv/

•2013 August 3rd--Margaree Forks-Summer festival;

•2013 August 3rd to 11th--#40 annual Action Week;-Sydney boardwalk; http://www.actionweek.com
      [ Carolyn Markotich, 902-563-5510, camarkotich@cbrm.ns.ca ]

•2013 August 4th- Feis Nova Scotia Ceili ; in Halifax, NS; http://www.feisnovascotia.com
      [ Bhreagh MacDonald and Shauna Foran, info@feisnovascotia.com ]

•2013 August 4th--Gala du Festival; celebrating our strong Acadian traditonal music and dance&
      [ Lisette Bourgeois, 902-224-2642, lestroispignons@ns.sympatico.ca ]

•2013 August 5th to 9th--Seinean nan Inhbeach #1-adult session #1 ; St. Ann's- Gaelic College

•2013 August 9th & 10th-9pm-Grand Ole Opry 'Tribute Night'; @$ 20; with 17 performers ,
     house band & Minnie Pearl. after pub from 10-1 am. 19yrs. + ;
      & Glencoe Station Hall

2013 August 9th to 11th--Dutch Mason Blues Festival-Truro http://www.dutchmason.com

•2013 August 9th to 11th-Marble Mountain Annual Family Festival and Poker Run

•2013 August 10th--Hawg & Hen Homecoming Celebration; West Bay-http://www.channelhall.ca/
      South Mountain Arm of Gold Community Hall
     [ Alfred Sampson, 902 345 2641, alf@seasidehighspeed.com ]

•2013 Aug 11th--East Margaree-highland Games-fun day;

•2013 August 11th-1pm to 4pm-Annual Ceilidh on the Mabou Coal Mines Wharf,

• 2013 August 12th to 16th--Seinean nan Inbheach # 2-adult session #2; ; St. Ann's- Gaelic College

•2013 August 12th to 18th--Judique on the Floor festival, http://iccns.ca/judiquecap

•2013 August 15th--Fête nationale des Acadiens (National Acadian Day), with a Tintamarre (noise parade)
      followed by a concert at the Cabot Trail arena. http://www.cheticamp225.ca
     [ Lisette Bourgeois, 902-224-2642, lestroispignons@ns.sympatico.ca ]

•2013 August 16th to 18th--The Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling 2013 ; St Anns -Gaelic College
      40th anniversary of the Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association ; http://www.capebretonfiddlers.com/

•2013 August 18th-Outdoor Kintyre Farm Scottish Concert, Judique

•2013 August 20th to 24th- #23rd Annual-Féis an Eilein-Christmas Island-Fire hall

•2013 August 20th to 25th--2013 Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Summer Games
      hosted by We'koqma'q First Nation, Whycocomagh

•2013 August 23rd--#80 Annual Milling Frolic; Johnstown

•2013 August 23rd to 31st-Right Some Good; music & super food all over Cape Breton island
    top chiefs from around the world http://www.rightsomegood.ca

•2013 August 23rd to August 25th-#10th annual Point Michaud Surf Classic; http://www.capebretonoutdoors.com/communities/
      [ Michelle Richards, 902-227-1230, surfmichaud@yahoo.ca ]

•2013 August 24th--LouisROCKS Concert Series; Louisbourg300 concert series. Louisbourg Fortress
      [ Monique Cantin, 902-733-3552, louisbourg.info@pc.gc.ca ]

•2013 August 30th to Sept 2nd-First Annual Acoustic Roots Music festival
      Marion Bridge ≠ Two Rivers Wildlife Park ≠ http://www.tworiverspark.ca

•2013 September 1st--Glencoe Mills Day; community day

•2013 September 13th to 22nd-Hike the Highlands, Cabot Trail

•2013 September 20th to 22nd-West Bay Road Fall Fair;

• 2013 September 21st--LouisROCKS Concert Series; Louisbourg300 concert series. Louisbourg Fortress
      [ Monique Cantin, 902-733-3552, louisbourg.info@pc.gc.ca ]

•2013 September 26th to 28th--September Halloween Gaelic Weekend ; St. Ann's- Gaelic College

•2013 September 28th-6:58pm to 11:58pm-#3rd Annual-Lumière Arts Festival-Comtemporary art,
      Unconventional Spaces; ; Sydney, http://www.lumierecapebreton.ca

•2013 October 3rd-7:30pm-#9 Annual road to Celtic Colours Ceilidh-Sherbrooke Village courthouse
     @ $ 10; [ Lynn, haynelm@gov.ns.ca ] http://www.sherbrookevillage.ca

•2013 Oct 4th to 6th-5th Annual Cabot Trail Writers Festival , North River
      http://www.cabottrailwritersfestival.com ≠

•2013 October 11th to 19th; Celtic Colours International Festival; locations all over Cape Breton island;

•2013 October 14th to 18th-Buddy MacMaster School of Fiddling
     http://www.celticmusiccentre.com Judique - Celtic Music Interpretive Centre

•2013 November 7th to 10th--Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music Week;

•2013 November 15th to 17th-St. Peter's #18th Annual Festival of Trees

==========     Church-Services     =============================

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  Arichat-St. John's- [1st Sunday every month] 9:30am
  Melford-St. James-Saturday 7pm
  Mulgrave-St. Andrews-Sunday 9:15am
  Port Hawkesbury-Holy Trinity-625-0144, 747-2255,Sundays 11am
  Whiteside-Holy Trinity-366-2186

  Baddeck-Sunday Services,10:30 am at the Baddeck Community Centre, 295-2105
  Margaree Valley-Baptist Church 248-2700
  Port Hawkesbury-Embree island-625-0830; Sunday-10:30am- www.phubc.com

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  Port Hawkesbury-804 Queen St.,625-3141, Sundays 10am; http://www.mormon.org

Jehovah's Witnesses
  Petit Etang-224-2911
   Port Hastings 625-2771

Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
  Port Hawkesbury-Causeway Pentecostal church-824 Church St. 625-2715

  Blue Mills Gospel [Fire Hall]-Sundays 11am-756-3311
  Blues Mills-Soverign Grace-625-2904
   Boularderie-Big Bras D'Or-Presbyterian church-674-2469
   Englishtown-Knox Presbyterian church
  Glace Bay-St. Paul's Presbyterian -842-0150
  Lake Ainslie-295-2526
  Little Narrows ferry-Presbyterian church-756-2066
  Middle River-Farquaharson-295-2536
  River Denys-Sundays 10:30am, [services alternate each week]
  Orangedale-Sundays 10:30am, [services alternate each week]
  St. Anns Bay-St.Andrew's Presbyterian church-929-2548
  Whycocomagh-St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church-Sundays -11am; 756-2669

Roman Catholic
  Baddeck-St. Michael's Parish-295-2914
  Broadcove-St. Margaret's of Scotland-258-2462
  Brookvillage-St. John the Baptish Parish, 945-2063
  Cheticamp-Paroisse St. Pierre-224-2064
  Cheticamp-St. Andrew's -224-2064
  Creignish-Stella Maris Parish-625-2919
  D'Escousse-St. Hyacinth Parish, 345-2308
  Dingwall-St Margaret's church-383-2987
  East Margaree-St.Michael's Parish-235-2435
  Glencoe-St. Joseph Parish-945-2063
  Glendale-St. mary of the Angels Parish-625-2052
   Judique-St. Andrew's Parish-787-2795
  Inverness-Stella Maris Parish-258-2462
  Iona-St. Columba Parish-725-2801
  L'Ardoise-Holy Guardian Angels Parish, 587-2416
  Louisdale-St. Louis Parish-345-2308
  Lower River Inhabitants-St. Francis de Sales Parish-625-2345
  Mabou-St. Mary's Parish-9445-2952
  Mulgrave-St. Lawrence Parish, 234-2387,Saturday 6pm
  North East Margaree-St. Patrick's Parish-235-2435
  North Sydney-Leitches Creek-794-2952
  Petit de Grat-St. Joseph's Parish-226-2109
  Port Hawkesbury-St. Joseph's, 625-1045-Saturday-6pm, & Sunday-10am
  Port Hood-St. Peter's Parish-787-3317
  River Bourgeois-St. John the Baptist Parish, 535-2602
  River Denys-St. Dionysius Parish-625-2345
  South West Margaree-St.Joseph's Parish-235-2435
  St. Joseph du Moine-St.Joseph's Church-224-2064
  St. Peter's-St.Peter's parish-535-2053
  Sydney-St. Andrews church-564-4810
  Sydney-Sacred heart parish-564-4117
  Waycobah-Holy Trinity-
  West Arichat-Our Lady of Assumption-226-2109
  West Bay-St. Margaret Parish, 625-2345
  West Lake Ainslie-Immaculate Conception-945-2063
  West L'Ardoise-Holy Guardian Angel Parish-587-2416
  Whiteside-St. Patrick Parish-625-2345
  Whycocomagh-Holy Trinity Catholic church-756-3005

Seventh-Day Adventist
  North Sydney-31 Peppett-794-2488

  Bayfield-Sundays 9am
  Boularderie-St John's United Church-674-2272
  East Lake Ainslie-Grant Memorial United Church-June 26th-11am-
  Gabarus-Zion United Church-
  Grand River-Sundays 1pm
  Iona-Malagawatch church-725-2272, at Highland Village-3pm
  Louisbourg-First United church-733-2312
  Marble Mountain-River Denys, Orangedale
  Margaree Centre-Wilson United Church-Sundays-9:30am, -248-2333
  Margaree Harbour-Calvin United Church-Sundays-11:30am
  Melford, Hadleyville-[alternate Sundays 2:30pm
  Mulgrave-Trinity United Church--Sundays 11:15am
  Port Hood-St. Stephen's -Jubilee United Church-Sundays-11am
  Port Hawkesbury-St. Mark's-625-2229, Sundays 11am
  Port Hastings-St.David's-625-2229, Sundays 11am
  Strathlorne-St. John's United Church-Sundays-11am
  St. Anns Bay-United Church-929-2999
  St.Peter's-Sundays 11am
  Sydney-First United Church-564-4159
  West Bay, Black River, Princeville-345-2273, Sundays 10am
  Whycocomagh-Stewart United Church-756-2829, & 756-2762

Other Denominations
  Arichat-bible church-226-3715
  Gospel Fellowship-Port Hawkesbury-Evergreen Seniors Club-Sundays 10:30am & 6pm
  New Waterford-Salvation army Citadel-519 King, 862-3838
  Pleasant Bay-Gampo Abbey-224-2752 [Vajradhatu Buddhist Church of Canada]
  Port Hawkesbury-Gospel Fellowship-Evergreen Seniors Club-Sundays 10:30am & 6pm
  Sydney-Cape Breton Christian Fellowship church-567-9830
  Sydney-Salvation army-562-5442
  Sydney-St. Mary's Polish Church-564-4847
  West Lake Ainslie-Wayside Chapel-258-3817, #3666 West Lake , Saturdays at 2:20pm

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