Purse-only Yours

           Margie MacInnis of West Mabou wanted to recycle all the pieces of fabric in my sewing room. This idea led to Margie developing "Purse-only Yours"-her very own unique line of designed handbags. It turned into a great hobby, and I haven't stopped. I've probably made over 800 purses and bags. I have always enjoyed hemming and altering clothes for people as well", she says.  

      Margie often envisions a purse in a piece of clothing-sometimes in an item she will purchase at a secondhand store. "If someone has a piece of clothing once owned by a late loved one, I will often make them a bag or pillow for a keepsake, " she says. Making these unique purses and bags, I recycle and extend the  life of clothing and fabrics, keeping them out of the landfill. No two purses are alike. I use belts, buttons, fasteners and pockets from the clothing. I seldom throw anything out without removing buttons and zippers as they come in handy for my sewing projects or alterations. I have my late mother's button can, and I can always seem to find just the right button every time. I'm always adding buttons to this magic can, "she says.  

         Lately, Margie has started to add a penny for good luck to all her handbags and each handbag has a label reading;  "Designed by Margie MacInnis."  I create my own patterns, and most of my purses are reversible as well. Sometimes I use hoops from lobster traps as handles for the bags."

         For more information contact Margie: margie.macinnis@hotmail.com

                                                                                                                [write-up with thanks by John Gillis @ the Oran]

8 Reasons To Have a MacInnis Purse

  • * unique
  • * one of a kind
  • * some are reversible
  • * blend and recycle
  • * no two are alike
  • * Designed  and created by  Margie
  • * very reasonable priced

           Cross the Canso Causeway to Cape Breton onto a rotary. Go left as indicated onto Route 19. This is a scenic drive along the coastline. (The road is narrow and bumpy so take care)Drive approximately 45-50 minutes to Mabou. Watch for signs for “Ceilidh Cottages” - follow - as the West Mabou dance hall is on the same road. Approaching Mabou you will see a church steeple off in the distance. At this point you can watch for the sign “Little Mabou/West Mabou/Colindale”. (There is a vacant white building on right). Turn left; proceed on this paved road crossing two one-lane bridges, approximately 2 miles. The West Mabou dance hall is a gray building with a bright red roof nestled among trees on the right, beside tennis court. Continue on this road another mile-on the left # 2168 [Little Mabou Road] is Margie & Jimmy MacInnis's white house-if you come to Ceilidh Cottages - you have passed the house !.

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