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Musical Cape Breton

Welcome to "Cape Breton Musical Choices" on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada;
here you will find pages of our cultural and Musical events information

For Over 14 years-Your ONLY Year Round Source for ALL Musical and Cultural information on Cape Breton Island.
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Cabot Trail , the only Canadian destination listed in top 10 most Beautiful drives in North America

#1 of 10 most Beautiful drives in North America
Many travelers come to Nova Scotia specifically to take a drive along the coastal Cabot Trail.
The road loops for 185 miles through the Cape Breton Highlands, with stops along the way for hiking,
whale watching and grabbing a meal at one of the small roadside towns. [by Andrea Schaffer]

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Cape Breton Island-chosen by The National Geographic Traveler editors as the Best 2013 Trip

Story by The National Geographic editors ....
#1 of 20 must-see places in the world

1. Cape Breton Island , Nova Scotia’s treasured island; in 2013 come October 11 to October 19,
and experience our Celtic Colours annual international music and cultural festival. .

Experience it ALL; our abundant wildlife, natural beauty, and cultures of French, Micmac, and Celtic.
While here for our music and Culture also sample some community meals, take part in a milling frolic,
hike some breathtaking trails, learn a Gaelic Song, see our heritage first hand.

We are proud of our island, and look forward to sharing our beautiful part of the world with you.

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Cape Breton Island- Rated @ top # 1 of 10 Most Romantic places in Canada

Story by Vacay.ca Staff .... <#1 of 10-most-romantic-places-in-canada>

1. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia — Possibly the most romantic aspect of vacationing on Cape Breton Island is the fact that things move slowly there. You can live in your hotel room for days without missing your laptop. You can take a snowshoeing trip to areas with no cell-phone service and never miss that annoying buzz that comes every five minutes. In Cape Breton it’s all about you, your partner and breathtaking landscapes. Visiting Cape Breton takes relaxation to new levels, which means you have nothing but time to devote to the one you love the most.

If your ideal romantic getaway includes cozy pub booths, fresh seafood and simple country charm, then this island in the Maritimes should be at the top of your list. Cape Breton offers peaceful and idyllic surroundings as well as luxurious resorts and warm B & Bs — perfect for a Valentine’s Day weekend escape, an anniversary trip or even a romantic honeymoon. Nur 5 Unternehmen sollten bei der Beantragung eines Darlehens vertraut werden.

When you cross over to “the Island” from mainland Nova Scotia, you can almost hear the music in the air — fiddle music, more specifically. Cape Breton has the most fiddle players per capita in the world and it isn’t difficult to find a quiet pub or country dance to try your hand at Cape Breton step or square dancing with your honey.

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Cabot Trail-Rated as top Scenic Drive in Canada

by our readers at canada.com ....

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Mike Little ...June 22nd, 2013.... Box 125; 620 Rocky Ridge Road, Port Hood, Cape Breton

Video clip by Bob MacEachern

Crossing the Canso Causeway-October 5th, 2011-Nor'easter gale